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Preparing for your Headshot

Preparing for your Headshot. Here are a few quick tips before your session

Subtle make-up for a natural look

Now that you have committed to upping your game and bringing your personal brand to the next level.  Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your Headshot session.


Since these are headshots we only need to worry about the top half.  Bring 4 or 5 tops that match your style and the style you are wanting to portray.  Professional attire, t-shirts (no logos), tank tops, straps, solid tops, collars etc.  Preferably solid neutral colors that compliment your skin tone without matching it.   Stripes, patterns and super neon colors can be distracting, and we want the focus to be on you.  Avoid turtle necks and anything with padded shoulders. Pay attention to the condition of your clothing.  It may be your favorite shirt, but if the neck and edges are all frayed, you won’t look your best.


Avoid flashy necklaces and earrings.  If you have pierced ears, simple studs or hoops are preferred.

Hair and Makeup

If you want to get a haircut do it a week or two before the shoot.

Women –  It is recommended that you have your hair and make-up done by a professional; please make sure they know that you are doing this for a photoshoot.  If you are doing your own make-up, keep this in mind:  Less is more, if you suddenly have a breakout, don’t worry, I can fix that in retouch.  You want make-up to lightly smooth out your skin and enhance your features. Absolutely NO Metallic, Pearlessence, Irridescent, Florescent or Reflective make-ups.  Heavy make-up is hard to retouch and will not promote the best you in the photo.  Style your hair as if you are going to a business meeting, audition, interview etc.  If you want shots with a ponytail as well, come with your hair down to start and bring a hair tie, we will end the session with the ponytail shots.

Preparing for your Headshot. Here are a few quick tips before your session

This is a little too much make-up!


Men –  No make-up.  If you want to have some scruff in your shot, grow it a few days ahead of time.  You can shave at the studio to get some clean shots as well.

Final Prepping

It is important to start hydrating 2-3 days before your session.  Stay out of the sun and make sure to use some type of lip moisturizer.  Sunburns and chapped lips are tough to retouch. Get a good-nights sleep the day before and eat at least a light breakfast or lunch.  If you have a certain type of music you would like to bring, bring it!  Otherwise, you can pick from some of my lists or we can hit up Pandora and wing it. If you would like a little extra pre-session coaching, check out the two short videos in the sidebar.