Sunrise on the Lighthouse

I’ve always had this strange attraction to lighthouses. Maybe it is because I like boats, and lighthouses protect them. Maybe it is because they always get to sit and look at the ocean, which is all I would do if I lived near the water. It might even be because I love scary movies, and lighthouses tend to pop up in them often. Whatever it is, I like them.  They make me think of all the people that pass by.  Probably seeing the lighthouse but not thinking much about it. They are always going somewhere, but never there.   It seems that the lighthouse longs for you to see it, but warns you to stay away.

This is the first time I have ever photographed a lighthouse at dawn.  It kind of struck me that dawn is sort of quitting time for a lighthouse, and so it felt like I was catching it just in time to say goodnight for the day. This is a little beat up lighthouse in Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico.


About the Author:

Michael Waller is a Headshot, Commercial and Small Business photographer based in Colorado Springs, CO.